Hey there --

You probably already know I only run in order to eat more dessert and justify watching copious hours of television. And movies. I'm a bit of a pop culture fiend.

Running keeps me grounded. Shopping for (and finding) a great deal gets me high. Balance often looks like chasing a green smoothie with a cupcake.

You'll win me over with a big mug of green tea and dark chocolate. Wearing sweatpants is my love language. Spending Friday nights in, baking cookies and listening to soft rock, are totally okay in my books.

This blog was started as a way to compile all of my favourite things – the stuff I like, the ideas I have and the random stories I collect – in one central space to share with my friends, old and new.

I'm happily married to my husband who's known as Hubs. We're making a home and figuring out life together in the Fraser Valley (a spot farther east of Vancouver, British Columbia)

Glad you're here. Hope you enjoy your stay.