November 16, 2016

The Goldbergs

Oh, guys, this is easily the funniest show I've watched in a long time. Maybe ever.

Set in "1980-something," The Goldbergs is a half-hour comedy about Adam, the youngest (and nerdiest) of the clan who documents his crazy family life on video. It's structured like a typical family sitcom: Problems are presented and resolved in an episode, resulting in the family growing closer together or an individual member learning one big lesson. (You know, like all the shows we used to watch growing up.) However, The Goldbergs is hilarious. Gut-busting, side-aching, struggling-to-breathe funny while still delivering an emotional heartwarming wallop at the end of the episode.

Most of those laughs come from Barry, the middle child, who's a lovable moron. (Keep an eye out for the episode where he decides to learn karate – pronounced ka-rah-tay. Prepare to giggle for a long time after it's over.) That being said, the entire family is crazy: From short-tempered dad Murray and overprotective mom Beverly to popular sister Erica and occasional-voice-of-reason grandfather Pop-Pop, each character has unique quirks and a strong personality that leads to big clashes.

(Fun fact: The Goldbergs is based off the showrunner's family, complete with the vintage video footage to prove it.)

Along with hearty belly laughs, The Goldbergs also has a lot of, well, heart. At its core, it's a show about family, about having each others backs and figuring out life as the kids grow up. It's perfect if you're a big fan of crying while laughing and the warm fuzzies you get from 80's/90's family sitcoms.

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