November 11, 2016

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is about Jane, a twenty-something virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated with a sperm of a wealthy, married hotelier. At least, that's where it begins. (It gets crazier and harder to explain without completely spoiling the plot.) 

One of my favorite elements of the show is its ability to ground itself in real emotion and authentic relationships amid all the insane telenovela plot twists and turns. Because of this, Jane feels like the most relatable television character I've ever seen. At least, on a personal level. Not so much on artificial insemination/love triangle/long-lost family members/murderer levels.

Jane is perfect if you're looking for fun, light entertainment that isn't dumb. It's endearing, humorous, and respectful. (Odd word to use when describing a show, I know. But Jane manages to weave political statements and religious beliefs throughout the narrative without getting preachy or weird. It's refreshing.) It's especially good if you're a fan of romantic comedies, soap operas, and strong, fully fleshed out female characters.


  1. I totally agree with your take on the show. This is far and away one of my favourite TV shows! Jane (Gina) is ridiculously cute and charming, and I have a grin across my face for each episode. The narrator is also the best. As are the silly hashtags that show up on the screen from time to time. It's the only show that consistently makes me laugh OUT LOUD (which is very hard for TV to do). I love it!!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy Jane too, Sharon! Most people I talk to about it have never seen it. (I'm with you on the every-episode grin. Especially last season's finale! *all the heart eyes*)


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