November 14, 2016

Going through a major life change? Clean your closet!

Back when my family rented the top floor of a home, I used to stand in front of my sliver of a doorless closet and pull everything out of it, sort through all my junk and organize it into place.

Then, when my family moved to a townhouse, I gained a double-door closet that was torn apart and reassembled on a semi-monthly basis during my teenage years. Every memento was sorted, kept or tossed. Every piece of clothing evaluated for fit and feel, thrown into a donation bag or hung back up. Every time, I closed the doors and walked away feeling lighter – and likely went on to dump a boyfriend or two.

This week I've been on a bit of a tear. Although Hubs gets a little wide-eyed as the donation pile grows bigger and bigger, he doesn't interfere. (After all, his stuff is safe.) I've never been so ruthless: Filtering through my closet twice, sorting through storage bins, skimming every book to decide whether I'd read it again and sitting in silence, mulling over whether I've hit every nook and cranny before I make all the effort to cram the donation bags and boxes into my trunk and drop it all off. (Because, obviously, I can only go once.)

Maybe it's because Christmas is coming soon. Maybe it's because of all the baby's gifts and gear. Maybe it's the prospect of trying on clothes after having him. My postpartum body is different, new. Maybe there's been so much change, it feels easier to get rid of the stuff I know won't fit – the jeans I'm not ready to fight with, the tops that won't button, and the shoes where my toes hit the end. Maybe I don't have time or headspace for the "non-essential" stuff or...

Maybe it just feels great to KonMari the sh*t out of everything.

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