May 22, 2015

Mad Men


Even though a week has passed, I can't shake the Mad Men finale. Over and over, I mull over what I saw and felt, and each time I come to the same conclusion: It's one of the most intricate television series I've ever seen.

Slow-moving dramas – the well-crafted ones with skilled actors, strong writing and weighty themes you can chew on long after an episode finishes – are my favourite. Especially when the show leaves you mulling over your stance and your beliefs, offering an opportunity to walk away a little wiser than before. 

Mad Men drew me in with the promise of a lush landscape of attractive ad men (and women) and kept me around when I noticed a deeper study of human psychology. (This article sums it up well.) I enjoy its brief glimpses into major socio-cultural shifts throughout the fifties and sixties. Observing each female character's unique (occasionally frustrating) journey – in both personal and professional spheres – is one of my favorite elements of the show.

Regrettably, I binge-watched the first four seasons to get up to speed in time for the fifth. Now that it's done, I'm entertaining the idea of going back to the beginning and working through it slowly. It'll complement lazy summer evenings spent cooling off in the basement well. 

Give it a shot if you're ready to settle in and study away, or if want to see what all the fuss is about. 
Whatever your reason, commit to a couple episodes – even a season or two – before deciding whether to move on or start something else.