January 28, 2015

Learning well.

At the instructor's prompting I folded my left leg in and tucked it over my right. My feet wriggled into a comfortable position under my thighs as I silently thanked myself for bringing a thicker mat. Last week's yoga mat was too thin and I ended up with pins and needles in my butt.

Straightening my back and closing my eyes, I brought my hands to my knees and let my breath relax. My stomach rounded, pushing the waistband of my leggings out and drawing it back in over and again at a slow rhythmic pace.

"I want you to set your intention for this practice..."

My mind kicked into high gear. Yes! Intention! I can do this. It immediately launched into a rapid fire list of everything I wanted yoga to accomplish for me. Loose hamstrings! Open hips! Yoga arms! Zen! 

A quiet voice piped up from behind the clamour and whispered. You're here to learn. Not to be an expert. Not to accomplish everything. Just to learn.

As I moved into the first pose, the mental noise mellowed to a din and I focused on rolling my elbows in and moving my feet out. Paying attention to how far I can go without going too far. Learning to hold back and achieve a better outcome instead of pushing through pain to accomplish everything.

Because it's not about being an expert or getting it perfect. It's about learning.

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