December 31, 2014

An anything-but-lazy girl's guide to relaxing well: Vacation edition

An anything-but-lazy girl's guide to relaxing well

I'm milking the last of my vacation, meaning I geared down into a (quasi) washed, (moderately) unkempt but incredibly relaxed state. 

Ready to make the most of your time at home before heading back to work? Here's what I wear and do to relax well on my break:

1. Lululemon Wunder Unders are perfect because they straddle the sweatpants/leggings line so well.
2. Thick, warm socks: Laying around isn't always great for my circulation.
3. Lip stuff. You know, they get chapped.
4. A big cozy cardigan like the Kimchi Blue one Santa gave me for Christmas.
5. Zit cream. (Because you shouldn't wear anything else on your face, obviously.)
6. Books, like Yes, Please or #GIRLBOSS, for when I'm tapped out on Gilmore Girls or Downton Abbey.
7. Glasses. (Because contacts put a serious cramp in sporadic napping.)
8. A t-shirt. Maybe a men's one. I like grey ones for loafing around the house.
9. BKR. (Because drinking water makes me feel less guilty.)
10. A mug of tea. Preferably one that pairs well with the leftover chocolates I eat for breakfast.

All of these things pair well with a thick blanket (like a Parachute down duvet or anything else that begs for you to bury yourself in), a couple episodes of whatever show you're watching, and a snack. Always a snack.

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