November 06, 2014

Veronica Mars

On Saturday morning I lay in bed reading Vulture's 9 reasons why Veronica Mars was feminist as hell. I loved the article and knew it was time to finally come clean with a recent TV obsession.

I watched Veronica Mars in full a couple months ago and – big surprise – I loved it. Veronica is smart and complex, unwilling to bend to social or gender norms. She knows who she is. She's fiercely protective of the people she loves. She isn't going to do anything she doesn't want to because she already has.

In the pilot episode, you learn Veronica was drugged and raped at a high school party. Her best friend, Lily Kane, was murdered. Her dad lost his job as town sheriff because of the murder investigation and now works as a private eye. But Veronica isn't a victim. She's determined to solve what happened and bring justice to her friend (and to herself).

Veronica Mars is heavy without being too heavy. It's candid and honest without being exploitative. It doesn't shy away from depicting the aftermath of sexual abuse for victims or drawing clear lines about what is and isn't okay. And it does it well.

It's also funny and melodramatic. It can also be tricky to follow. Veronica Mars aired under the perpetual threat of cancellation for most of its three season run. At times the story lines feel rushed and frantic, other times it's slow and steady.

One of the neat aspects of Veronica Mars is that it continues to live on: All three seasons are available on Netflix, and the Kickstarter-funded movie can be rented on iTunes. If that's still not enough, there are two novels – The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and Mr. Kiss and Tell (coming in January!) – and Play It Again, Dick, a spin-off web series starring Ryan Hansen.

It's a great show for dark nights and cozy blankets. A bit smarter and definitely more sarcastic than your usual teenaged television show. Still plenty cheesy.


  1. Yes, yes, a million times YES! This is one of my all time favourite shows. It was so brilliant, and I was devastated when it was cancelled. I followed (and participated in!) the Kickstarter campaign with great glee, and lap up pretty much anything Rob Thomas writes or creates. I've pre-ordered the second book and can't wait until it arrives. It originally was going to come out right around now and I was going to save it to read on my upcoming vacation, but oh well. I can read it at home just as well. Yes, I am a Marshmallow of the geekiest variety. :D

  2. Sharon! Can't lie. I had a feeling I'd hear from you when I was writing this post. :)

    Have you watched "Play It Again Dick"? I appreciate it but I really only want another movie. Yes, another movie. I think the last one set up the stage for another one...

    (My fingers are beyond crossed. They'll be permanently warped.)

  3. Haha, I'm so predictable, hey?! ;)

    I have watched it! I still need to catch the last 2 episodes, but I thought it was all right. It wasn't as funny as I'd expected it to be, so I was kinda bored, as awful as I feel about admitting that. But since it's a spinoff, I don't feel so bad about thinking it wasn't that great.

    I agree, another movie is definitely a possibility. I don't know if resurrecting it as a TV show would really work at this point. But movies are great and after the success of everything else, I think they've proven that there's a market and audience for this. Fingers crossed as well!

  4. Predictability is great. I love it!

    I wasn't crazy about Play It Again Dick either. It was fun and exciting to see all of the VM actors together, but it wasn't the same. I do enjoy Ryan Hansen though..

    Completely with you on the TV vs. movie thing: A television show would be too much, but a movie? Yes please. They left that ending wide open. (And, selfishly, I'd like to see Logan and Veronica together as adults. Hopefully with less angst.)


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