November 07, 2014

A lazy girl's guide to work nights: Fall edition

A lazy girl's guide to work nights

Settling into fall's cozy grays and shorter days doesn't help. Dressing with layers and driving in the dark, along with listening to Lorde and The National on repeat, has lulled me into an uber-relaxed state. After a long work day and an occasionally tedious commute, I run to these things when I get home. These are my essentials for a lazy work night (or a regular Friday night):

1. Sweatpants
(I read it. And I loved it.) 
3. A cozy blanket
4. An inspirational mug to make you feel like you're accomplishing something
5. Tea, to relax you and boost your immune system
6. A funny TV show. I recommend The Mindy Project
7. Nutella, because you're too lazy to make yourself a proper meal
8. A spoon, because scooping out Nutella with your fingers is undignified.

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