October 09, 2014

The One I Love

When I decided to recommend The One I Love I promised myself I'd avoid starting this post with "There's only one word to describe this film" or something else just as cliched or lame. But I'm coming up totally blank. It was crazy. Intriguing. As credits rolled, I was speechless. Well, almost.  I immediately drilled Hubs for his take on how it all played out. He shrugged.

Reading anything else about The One I Love will leave you hanging, which is appropriate. The movie itself does too. At least, I thought it did. And I, like many others before me, am only going to dive into a superficial overview of the plot: Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss), a married couple on the verge of splitting up, spend a weekend away at the suggestion of their marriage therapist. Anything beyond that? You need to watch it.

I'm a big fan of Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss. (Or Brendan Deslaurier and Peggy Olson, if you prefer.) If the powers-that-be in Hollywood ever read my tiny blog, more of them in more things, please. And thank you.

Watch The One I Love if you like indie movies or mulling over ambiguous endings. Big fan of neat, tidy resolutions? It may not be the one you love.

Slow clap for puns.

I rented it from iTunes because it was, sadly, absent from any local theatres. If there's one bone I have to pick with my neighbourhood, it's that great indie theatres are more than an hour's drive away. Considering it for your next movie night? Check out the trailer:

(Curious what I'm watching next? Planning on hunkering down to finally watch Obvious Child and Fed Up this weekend. After turkey, of course. Want to hear my take? Let me know by leaving a comment here or on my Facebook page.)

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  1. please continue to recommend movies to me. always. I am thoroughly intrigued and will be watching this one!

    ps - love the puns. I slow clapped for you in my office. :)


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