October 03, 2014

Ten things I'm grateful for

  • Two weeks ago, I listened to Martha Stewart speak. The only valuable nugget of advice I took from her carefully crafted message? Learn something new every day. And I have!
  • I found two pairs of dress pants on sale at Target. Together they cost less than the original price of one!
  • Carving our short moments of quality time with my husband. That guy's schedule and mine just haven't lined up well lately.
  • Achy legs: I went for a run after work a couple days ago and my legs are still sore.
  • Calm, a mediation app where you can choose from a variety of ambient noise. Like waves washing up onto a beach. It's perfect for mellowing out after my busiest work rushes.
  • Rainy days, cozy socks and warm cups of tea
  • New books, like The Rosie Effect and Not That Kind of Girl
  • Rereading old, lingering magazines and folding over pages with info I want to keep
  • Recycling said magazines once you're done with them, emptying out a bedside drawer to make room for more books. (And maybe more magazines)
  • Seeing my persistence pay off: My dad finally agreed to run a half-marathon with me.

Have a great weekend!


  1. WOOO! Yah he did.

    also. I need some good book recommendations from you. I'm always in need!

  2. Laura -- I just got a couple books in the mail. Will keep you posted on those. In the meantime, have you read The Rosie Project?

  3. I haven't. But now I want to! Library here I come!


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