October 10, 2014

Ten things I find pretty great.

  • Renting movies from iTunes (like The One I Love)
  • Relaxing in a bath full of lavender-scented epsom salts
  • Using gold pens with black ink
  • Walking in the door, after a long day of work, to freshly baked cookies
  • Connecting the dots with a coworker, realizing the overlap between people, places and blogs in our lives
  • Listening to this CD over and over again. It's my favourite right now.
  • Working from home means sweatpants, makeup-less-ness, and productivity
  • Chatting with a friend, realizing hours have passed and it only felt like minutes
  • Cleaning out a Netflix queue (and curing indecision) by watching what's first on the list and continuing down the line
  • Working toward long weekends

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