May 01, 2014

Here's to you, lady, and all your little victories.

Having lady parts can be a lot of work.

Yeah, there's the usual stuff. Ovaries bring oodles of monthly excitement that's easily overshadowed by the joy of birth. (Or so they tell me.) Chest, breasts, chesticles – whatever you call them, they're there. Never quite exactly as you'd like them to be.

Then there's all the stuff you can't really talk about. You know all those moments that require mustering up a lot of courage but you don't get to celebrate openly for fear of sharing too much information? I'm talking tackling the little bits and pieces of being a lady that feel like mountains until you conquer them, crushing them into tiny molehills.

Last week I celebrated a little victory. It struck me as I strut down the street to pick up our mail, smiling confidently and, subsequently, laughing at myself. Thus, this post.

Here's to you, ladies, and all your little victories you can't necessarily talk about: shrinking pimples, clean bikini lines, smaller pant sizes, tidy upper lips, properly sized bras, disappearing stretch marks, obliterated ingrowns, less-visible cellulite and fancy new underpants. Hooray!


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