October 23, 2016


That's how many days have passed since my last blog post.

Since then, I've stickhandled my way through some minor life crises and major life changes. Like, getting pregnant, birthing a child and spending three (almost four) months trying to sort out what I'm doing. (Still no answers.)

Funny thing, this whole maternity leave business (Yay, Canada!) has left my fingers itching to tap their way across a keyboard again. Luckily for me (maybe you too), I didn't shut down this blog once during the thirteen or so times I considered it. And I promise this won't become a mommy-blog. At least not all the time.)

I'm back, baby.

(During nap time, at least.)

August 09, 2015

Five years.

This week I drifted through memories of my wedding, considering what I'd go back and say to myself about my husband and our relationship if I had the chance.

Together we navigated job changes and health challenges, disappointment and excitement, grief and joy. We teetered on the brink of calling it quits and soldiered ahead, wary but confident enough in ourselves, both as individuals and a pair, to keep going. We basked in our good fortune to have found each other, our unique compatibility reflected in our bizarre-but-shared sense of humour and the easy way we're naturally on the same page about all the "big stuff." In five years, we changed and adapted. We're no longer the same people we married. 

If I could go back, I'd tell myself to relax. You'll both figure it out. Pay attention to the moment instead of racing onto the next goal/moment/plan. Spend more time focusing on what you two have and naturally are, rather than how you think it should look. After all, you found a good one. 

August 05, 2015


My husband surprised me with birthd-iversary tickets to last Saturday's Taylor Swift concert. I proudly shook it off and sat in awe of her genius with the best of them. (And by "best of them," I am completely referring to the enormous crowd of eight to twelve-year-old girls and their moms losing their shizz to preteen Oprah.) She's brilliant, really.

Only one musical moment still lingers in my mind. This song. It's on repeat, and I'm scouring his tour schedule in hopes of seeing him in a smaller venue. Swoon.

July 27, 2015

"My beanie baby collection got me nowhere..."

It really did get me nowhere. They're all in my crawlspace. (Thanks, Grandma.)

July 26, 2015


Timing is everything.

I watched the Enlightened pilot when it first aired, but it never stuck. Over and over I kept trying to get past the first episode, eager to find out why it continued to bubble up on must-see lists after it was done. Until yesterday, when it finally stuck.

Starting a now-cancelled show comes with benefits like watching it whenever you want and not having to wait for a new season. (Shaking my fist at you, Veep and Silicon Valley!) But, like everything, there's a downside. A pretty big one.

If you love it, you'll have to live with what you've got. It's over. There are no more episodes. Unless it makes a miraculous comeback which, these days, seems more and more likely with all the reboots and revivals happening. (I mean, Coach?) But ultimately it's over. Gone.

Eight episodes into the only eighteen episodes of Enlightened that exist and I'm hooked. Watching post-treatment Amy Jellicoe try to live a better, healthier life after suffering an on-the-job meltdown is both aggravating and encouraging. She's normal. Imperfect. Making progress and slipping backward. I get it. I'm living it.

Moving forward, sliding back. Feeling like you're getting ahead and then realizing you've been knocked back a couple pegs. It's normal, right? This week, I ended up in a scenario that I later described to my husband as "being kicked square in the balls but managing to stand up straight right away." (Classy, I know.) Getting knocked down and scrambling to get back up, dusted off and ready to go again.

As I watch Amy continually bounce back and forth trying to resolve problems in ways that (mostly) fit with her new enlightened self, I'm encouraged. Growth doesn't come from moving forward. It shows up when you find yourself behind where you think you should be. And when you're picking yourself back up. And when you're choosing where to put your next step.  Always messy. Some times more than others. Always with a choice.

I have terrible timing. But occasionally it's not half bad.

May 22, 2015

Mad Men


Even though a week has passed, I can't shake the Mad Men finale. Over and over, I mull over what I saw and felt, and each time I come to the same conclusion: It's one of the most intricate television series I've ever seen.

Slow-moving dramas – the well-crafted ones with skilled actors, strong writing and weighty themes you can chew on long after an episode finishes – are my favourite. Especially when the show leaves you mulling over your stance and your beliefs, offering an opportunity to walk away a little wiser than before. 

Mad Men drew me in with the promise of a lush landscape of attractive ad men (and women) and kept me around when I noticed a deeper study of human psychology. (This article sums it up well.) I enjoy its brief glimpses into major socio-cultural shifts throughout the fifties and sixties. Observing each female character's unique (occasionally frustrating) journey – in both personal and professional spheres – is one of my favorite elements of the show.

Regrettably, I binge-watched the first four seasons to get up to speed in time for the fifth. Now that it's done, I'm entertaining the idea of going back to the beginning and working through it slowly. It'll complement lazy summer evenings spent cooling off in the basement well. 

Give it a shot if you're ready to settle in and study away, or if want to see what all the fuss is about. 
Whatever your reason, commit to a couple episodes – even a season or two – before deciding whether to move on or start something else.

April 13, 2015

Anything-but-lazy girl's guide to relaxing well: Spring edition

Anything-but-lazy girl's guide to relaxing well: Spring edition

Now that the sun's out, relaxing looks a little different in my world. On weekdays, I spend a good chunk of my day sitting at a desk in front of a computer. Throwing on my sweats and sneakers and getting outside (or on my treadmill) to stretch my legs is exactly what I want once my commute is done.

My necessities for a leisurely stroll or a vigorous hustle around the block?

1. A sweat-wicking top, like this one, leaves me feeling (moderately) dry. 
2. Layers. I'm a big fan of Old Navy's jersey hoodies. (Similar one)
3. A good face/body scrub cleans out the gunk well after a good sweat. 
4. Sweatpants, obviously. (I'm trying to find ones that don't make me look like a complete slob when I'm out in public.)
6. Shoes: Slip-ons for strolling and runners for busting your balls.
7. Motivation. (Like the promise of a couple episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt when you're finished.)